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How can my company
achieve and maintain
WCAG compliance?
What Is WCAG, and
Why Should It Matter
for Your Business?
Steps to Global Digital

Our WCAG Compliance Services

iBridge LLC

How iBridge Can Help

Digital presence is the new storefront for businesses, and our team of  accessibility experts has the knowledge and skills to help you assess your current website for WCAG conformance.

  • Accessibility Audit per WCAG and rating

A WCAG accessibility audit performed on your website or mobile application provides your organization with the information you need to plan remediation measures and achieve compliance.

The rating establishes your level of conformance with universally recognized guidelines and allows the organization to execute the plan to enhance the same.

  • WCAG Conformance Assistance

In-house teams aren’t always equipped to achieve accessibility conformance.

We have extensive technical experience working with audit firms and clients in auditing websites for accessibility issues and developing and executing clear, actionable remediation plans to improve accessibility and promote conformance. 


iBridge is happy to share our unique perspectives, which are based on more than a decade of technology partnerships. if you’d like to learn more about WCAG-ADA and WCAG conformance, please check out the articles below. Join the conversation, when you read and comment on our blogs, case studies, or newsletters.


We value our relationship with our clients and we’re proud of such relationships that have lasted a lifetime for us. It’s not only about understanding the business problem but it’s about ‘getting it done and getting it done well’.

That was the last of it. Phew. Thank you for all your help on this. You did an amazing job and really reduced a lot of my stress from this project. Please feel free to submit your final invoice at any time. We would appreciate it if you could do so before next Tuesday. I can’t remember if I have already provided a PO for this month. If you need one please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you.
Tanner Ohman
Project Manager
IKON Office Solutions, Inc.
I just wanted to thank you and your team for doing such a great job and turning our project around so quickly. The client will be delighted to receive this project today, 3 days ahead of schedule. We will certainly send more work your way.
Dave Wilkinson
Capitol Digital Document Solutions
Earth Class Mail made the strategic decision in 2009 to partner with iBridge to process confidential and time sensitive digital information. The partnership required the iBridge to complete data processing and QA within one business day. iBridge handled the initial volume of 30,000 transactions a month in 2010 and has stayed on track as those volumes are now 80,000 transaction a month in 2016. The iBridge team consistently performs at a high-level with high accuracy, and proved, very agile as the platform, and processes changed over the years. The cost benefit by partnering with iBridge helped control day to day operating expenses that allowed Earth Class Mail to continue with its growth strategy. I would highly recommend the iBridge team to anyone looking for help with their business processes.
Jim Wilson
President and CEO
Earth Class Mail Corp
iBridge is great to work with. Their goal is that the customer is happy with the end result, and they make every accommodation to ensure they’ve deliver the product that you as the customer expect. It was also a tremendous benefit to us that they were able to set up and complete the imaging work on-site at a competitive price instead of shipping the documents to them. It allowed us to continue active use of the documents through the imaging process without an interruption to our business.
William F. Sulima
Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
We all get used to “no news is good news" within our industry, but with the job that you and your team did for me these past few days, I didn’t think silence would do justice to the amazing job you all did. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your entire team for the way that you all handled my project. From the very beginning, you and your team took this on without any hesitation and performed even better than I had expected, which soothed my nerves greatly. I can’t thank you enough for you and your team's efforts, your assistance saved my client many millions of dollars, I know the project wasn’t that large, but it is to this date, the most important project we have had. Thanks for always being the best partner I could have ever asked for and for always being willing to take on any task no matter how small or large it may be.
Marc Andrews
Novitas Data
We are a service bureau; we typically process 80 to 100 discreet projects each month. A large percentage of these projects require either data capture from image or image review and manipulation. We used to perform these operations with in-house staff, but we were not able to scale our staff to keep pace with our capacity requirements. Ten years ago, we started partnering with iBridge, we were initially impressed with their competence, accuracy and their ability to quickly scale up to keep pace with our rapidly changing requirements. In the ensuing ten years, iBridge has become not only a valued partner, but also an integral part of our daily production workflow. To borrow from an old workplace adage, “you will never get fired for choosing iBridge”
Jim Modrall
iBridge has been a critical part of our operation for the last six years. They have processed 10’s of thousands of documents a month for us with world-class accuracy. The team is committed to being the best with a strong focus on accuracy, speed, and process improvements. We can count on iBridge to manage the process from end to end, updating training materials, and performing against SLA’s. As a result, they not only give us time back, they have given us peace of mind.
Rene Lacerte
We have worked with iBridge over the years on strategy for litigation matters and developing plans for consolidation of services to drive efficiency and reduce operational costs for the firm. They are reliable, neutral and never hesitate to provide advice and analysis to help us make critical decisions. We have clear visibility in the areas of work due to the collaborative nature of the work performed.
Law Firm Partner
Trial attorney and firm leader
West Coast Law Firm

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We’re proud to be a trusted, long-term partner to some of the world’s best companies. Our clients turn to iBridge for solutions to problem after problem, and we continue to create value for them over years of dedicated service.

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Bring your business challenges to iBridge, and your business priorities become our priorities. We work with you in a partnership that’s so close, you’ll feel like iBridge is your own in-house team rather than a service provider. For our part, we get the job done on time and under budget, and without disrupting your business operations.

How can iBridge support your business goals through technology? Contact us here and let’s find out together!

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