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Platforms and Intelligence


Businesses are implementing new innovations with the key objective of improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, increasing productivity and profitability. But most of all, maintaining a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Application architecture and implementation

Studies have shown that digitally advantaged businesses simply perform better, make more money, and have better satisfied customers.  This all starts with some level of digital transformation to get information flowing freely.  Freeing a company’s data by integrating processes and providing valuable data creates a smarter and more efficient organization.

Facilitating the rapid transfer of information between business systems means busting traditional data silos. Integrating a company’s ERP and CRM, for example, allows important data to flow, allows for the creation of centralized dashboards, and gives your business the insight to meet customer demands more efficiently. This integration will improve business processes and enhance the customer experience.

Business software on its own may provide a way to help simplify a business processes and can save time, but how do you advantage the full potential of these tools and get them to work in your environment?

That is where iBridge comes in!

We specialize in helping you select, install, and integrate the right applications and tools.  Sometimes it requires providing access to all your business data in one place.  We prefer Microsoft Azure® but can work with any cloud system. With greater visibility and insights into your business operations, you can make faster and more informed decisions based on real-time data.

We also encourage our clients to maximize the value of the applications, licenses, and platforms they already own.

If your organization uses Microsoft 365® on an enterprise level, there may be several out-of-the-box enhancements and applications already at your disposal.   You have already paid for them, why not use them to your full advantage.

Work from home is a challenge for nearly every organization.  Is your MS365 configured to maximize your use of Outlook®, Team® and their related applications and mobile APPs?

We most often find that organizations that have SharePoint® rarely have them configured to engage the full power and benefits SharePoint has to offer.

We are happy to do an audit of your systems, review your operational applications and licenses, and give you our recommendations.

iBridge is a gold-certified Microsoft partner and a technology solutions firm that specializes in MS365 services.


Improve your business’s operational efficiency and enhance customer service with iBridge’s platforms and intel service! Contact us here to get started.

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