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Microsoft 365 Migration


We migrate data from on premise and legacy systems to the Cloud; defining best practices for information technology implementation and migration, we take thoughts, ideas and plans and turn them into tactical deployments to drive business; we get things done.

If you are considering Microsoft 365 (erstwhile O365) for reasons related to compliance, collaboration, data governance, legal and regulatory needs, you are making the right decision. The Microsoft 365 environment is designed to free the IT organization from the mundane, to focus on business-critical needs. Information is found much faster; data is not lost; collaboration increases and you will never worry about someone leaving and institutional information walking out of the door. Everything is neatly stored and managed within the Cloud.

Certified by Microsoft, we are adept and experienced to map the migration process and help you make to take the right decision at each step. Let us help you with:

Microsoft 365 Evaluation

We will help you pilot a migration, select the right license, map the process, and build a template to help you test and assess the effectiveness of the Microsoft 365 environment.

Data Archival, Preservation and Destruction

Depending on the size and location of business, public or private, multinational, or single location, in time you will consider developing a retention and destruction plan for regulatory and compliance reasons, volume and velocity of data being stored, storage and IT cost, the legal ramifications of having to little or too much data. Let us help you through this process. It is a complex process and the Microsoft 365 environment is the most cost effective, secure method to solve this problem. Let us show you how.

Data Migration

In most organizations, information resides in silos. Getting to this information seems to be a challenge and it slows down effective decision making and people continue to resort to “gut” decisions. If you wish to bring data into your decision making, let us help you liberate the data, provide you technology to securely access the information you need, on-demand wherever you need it.

Litigation Hold, Data Privacy, and eDiscovery

The most common and costly event to endure is an unplanned litigation event. At most companies, litigation is an afterthought and managed by outside counsel. You can help yourself and avoid costly missteps by talking to us to help you craft a defensible plan during active litigation or pre-litigation, ensuring existing hold procedures are extended to information stored in the Cloud.

Post migration customer confidential information such as credit card, personally identifiable information and health records and other confidential information is stored and safeguarded in one central repository and not on personal laptops or easily accessible network drives.

If you are responding to an eDiscovery request, talk to us. We can help you develop contingencies and plans within the Microsoft 365 environment to navigate these treacherous waters.

Our approach to Microsoft 365 is to help you use what you have, maximize your Microsoft license investment, reduce the risk of a data breach, and help the organization grow outside your firewall. Push towards the Cloud. There is no reason, not to anymore.

Contact us here to discover how iBridge can help with your MS 365 migration!

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