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Move from Legacy
to the New

Legacy Data Migration


iBridge understands the challenges Legacy Data Migration poses, and provides comprehensive tools and resources to help, without interrupting your business.


Our Legacy Data Migration Support Includes:


  • Business Case and Data Analysis
  • Workflow Analysis, Design, and Optimization
  • Enterprise Design and Access
  • Data Migration, Transformation, and Load Tools
  • Migration Rollout, Testing, and Support
  • Platform Support and Maintenance
  • Program Management

At iBridge, we can help you prioritize the steps to ensure a successful data conversion project.


Define the Data Format:


Our team will help quantify the volume of data easily classified (discrete) and balance of data not organized in a typical row and column database (unstructured). This step helps define the level of complexity of the conversion effort. Understanding challenges upfront brings greater predictability to cost and effort.


Interoperability and Format Changes


Unstructured data such as Images, PDFs, and Tiff files may add challenges to the conversion process however at iBridge we have many years of experience converting unstructured data for meaningful use.


Outsource or Not


Your internal team has the best experience in the current system, harness this knowledge while working with the iBridge team to set the tone and expectation of the process. Our approach is collaborative; we will go through extensive problem definition processes with different user groups and engage the vendor of the new system to ensure a smooth transition and transparency. We will review all your options when converting data from one system to another. The value of engaging iBridge is our thorough understanding of working with and managing large data stacks and our commitment to a smooth transition.


Stage, Test, Re-test, and Deploy


Our infrastructure team will provide the staging area and supporting tools for conversion and migration data by practice group. Users are encouraged to test and push the system to make sure it conforms to the culture, needs, and workflow of your company. This is an important step. The system should not dictate how your business runs; the business decides what is in their best interest. This process may require customization of interfaces.


When most of the data migration is complete, we will open the staging area to simulate real-life conditions of the business users. After we are satisfied, we have met all benchmarks and milestones, and acceptance testing is complete, we will negotiate the go-live date across practice groups to minimize resistance and to control additional tweaks post implementation to reduce cost over-runs. The fewer the customizations, the lower cost and more time we spend upfront with you and early, the better the result.

How can iBridge bring solutions to your Legacy Data migration challenges? Contact us here to find out!